Basics that every video maker should know


Here you will find further subchapters on the basics of video and film production.


Camera basics

Introduction The camera is one of the most important tools of film-making. Learning to use it well will help you explore your creativity and express yourself as an emerging film-maker. This chapter gives basic information about different types of...
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Camera advanced

  Introduction This chapter is all about the manual settings of your camera. We’ll help you learn how to use them so you can get the result you want and explore your creativity.    Vision in action   Get to know your camera well, ideally...
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Composition and colour

Introduction Composition is the arrangement of objects in the picture. In this chapter you’ll find out how to arrange your picture to achieve a specific effect. You’ll also learn how to use colour and light to create a...
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Basics of lighting

Introduction Light is crucial for the quality of any film. That’s why it’s important to learn to use it in a way that suits the type of video you’re making and achieves the effect you want. In this chapter, you’ll learn how to...
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Film structure

Introduction In this chapter you’ll learn how to combine shots into scenes and use scenes to create videos that are great to watch and easy to understand.    Vision in action   Use different framing and points of view to define your film space...
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