Choose your format of expression


Here you will find further sub-chapters on different film formats.


Producing an interview

Introduction In this chapter you’ll learn how to prepare for and record interviews, whether stand-alone or as part of a bigger video project (e.g. documentary film).    Vision in action   Pack the necessary equipment. Double-check you have...
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Producing TV news items and reports

Introduction News items and reports are video formats used in TV. They vary between TV stations and are still evolving. The style depends on the owner of the station (national or private), the editorial policy, budget, and many other factors.  ...
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Making a documentary

Introduction Documentaries present real situations and people more convincingly than feature films. And yet, just like feature films, making a documentary is a complex process that involves a lot of creativity to tell a story. Documentaries deal...
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Producing a music video

Introduction Making a music video is a fantastic way to express your creativity. Plus, it can be great fun and really rewarding, especially if you love music. Depending on the sort of video you want to make, coming up with the concept and organising...
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Making a video collage

Introduction A video collage is a combination of photos and / or short video clips set to music. It’s an easy and effective way of showing a place, documenting an event or presenting a project. And it’s the simplest way of making a video...
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Basics of stop-motion animation

Introduction Stop-motion animation is a simple way of making animated films. By gradually moving objects against a backdrop, and taking photos at each stage, you can create the illusion of continuous motion. In this chapter we will show you how to...
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Filming and editing a stage performance or sports event

Introduction In this chapter you will learn how to film different kinds of stage performance and sports event. By ‘stage performance’ we mean any event or activity that happens mainly on a stage, from a theatre play to a lecture...
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Producing a short feature film

Introduction Feature films are the sort of movies you can see at the cinema. They are usually about one-and-a-half hours to two hours long, and require a lot of time, money and effort to produce. In this chapter we’ll show you how...
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