Pre- and post production


Here you will find further sub-chapters on the preparation and follow-up of a film production.


Writing a synopsis, script, storyboard and shooting schedule

Introduction From feature films and documentaries to scripted reality-TV shows, every film and video tries to tell a story. In this chapter you’ll learn how to write a synopsis and how to develop a script or a storyboard for your video project...
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Sound, music and sound effects

Introduction In this chapter you’ll learn how to record sound for different types of film. There’s an overview the equipment you can use, as well tips and tricks for dealing with common problems in sound-recording.    Vision in action  ...
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Film editing

Introduction Once filming is finished, it’s time to edit your material. Depending on the type of video you want to produce and the filming devices you used, you can edit your material on a computer, tablet or even a smartphone. You will usually...
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Free internet resources to support your video work

Introduction These days there are so many online communities developing image- and video-editing programs, creating sounds and music, and offering them to the world free of charge. These are great resources, and you can use them to make your video...
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Encoding files for archiving, online uploads and video discs

Introduction You’re film is finished? Great! Now what? Well, there are still a few things you should learn to do to make sure you can always access your work without problems and share it with anyone you want to. This chapter is about...
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